Self-Reliance Science
The science and art of self-reliance

Since ancient times, mankind developed various methods to enhance the survivability of the species.  Our ancestors worldwide subsisted throughout time by the understanding of the natural forces and their cycles.  These discoveries led to the development of modern civilization as we know it today.  However, the incredible feats of engineering, medicine, communication and transportation have not come without a trade-off.  As a species, the human race has lost many of its essential skills that were developed over a  long-term period of perseverance.  As a result, humanity as a whole is now faced with the real possibility of extinction. 

Our innate awareness is now very dull, and our skills and knowledge of providing for our own well-being have been overridden by a system of exchange of food, goods and services.  Thus the problems of pollution, destruction, illness, and chaos are set in motion to correct this separation of our species from the natural laws of our universe.  The concept of man versus nature will eventually lead to a victor, but not without the loss of our own humanity.

But there is a lot of hope, so fear not! Each of us has a role to play in this great epic for survival.  It is this hope that will drive our kind to the inevitable truth of who we are, why we are here, and what we are to do.  It is my mission to provide you with the keys to unlocking your own potential so that you may participate in the readjustment of humanity away from the illusion of man versus nature. 

I will guide you to become a practitioner of the quiet path of the survival experience under the guidance of natural laws.  The modern human being, under the conditions of survival emergencies, turns to faith in the power of Nature to provide the necessary essentials for his existence.  Once he understands the patterns, cycles and laws that govern the natural forces, the human mind surrenders to the guidance of the inner voice.  This inner voice is in the heart, which is governed by the soul.  It is only then that a mystical experience takes command of his actions, ensuring his survival.

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